Some thoughts from Earth 2100 by ABC

Just watched Earth 2100 by ABC. A film done in 2009.

I have to say, the world they envisioned as the last part is, somewhat a fiction, available to a nation with scientists as its only citizens.

The Copenhagen summit was a failure, I would say. It appears despite the concerns expressed by the scientific community, the rest of the world are still living for their own interest. Without the elimination of certain selfish aspect of humanity, we, as a spice, can not be saved.

Humans are bounded to get along the known, predictable worst path. It is caused by sin, humanity or whatever name you give. Only through creative, wild, bold actions, are we able to proceed without destroying ourselves.

Like how creatively we’ve managed to harvest nuclear energy which was first used as a WMD, similar actions are required. Maybe, moving to the space is finally the only feasible solution we are left.