So, Surrogates huh? So we just plug in and that’s it? So we just CAN give up our body and live THE life we want huh? I have to say, at least on this I’m with the "good will" doctor.

Science advances one way or another. We always find a way to get around the protocols, the laws, the rules and even, as it has been said, god’s will. The Reconnaissance did bring technology back into our life, it also took away the fear of misusing it. Church was commanded by a group of non-tech fanatics who are against all technologies. Late we may be miss-led by some high-tech fanatic that want nothing in technology’s way. Both are wrong.

Yes, the Father of Surrogacy is a murderer. If he is TOTALLY wrong, why did Tom hit the NO button? Technology is an addiction in a lot cases. Internet can be an addiction for teenagers why not adults then? What does it mean to be a human? Maybe God, who may or may not be there, is right for one thing: being alive is being in pain and suffering. This is just the way it is.

I’m always saying be a nut but be a proper one. Being such a nut is not easy. Learning to give up is not anyone can do. This needs to be reminded once after once and time after time. This is what government for. This is what law makers’ jobs are.

Maybe, after all, it’s up to us. The guys create those technologies. The redemption are not given by others, but the creators.