Erlang, well…

Finally get one of the problem right. A spark on the road, led me to the solution for extra perantesies.

Hell… I don’t even know what I was doing half a year ago. My first encounter with Erlang was not so pretty. Ugly, if I may call it.

Referencial transparent was not a big fan to me. Certainly the other way around. I still remember during 311, dealling with Scheme… Ah~~~ 19 for the first mid-term out of 50. That was brutal. Luckily, I got those things right, finally, by the end of the second thirds of the term. Enough for me to catch up and… level my grades to pass the course. Guess I learned something after all.

Brutal, huh. Seems it is a big fan of me. Certainly NOT the other way around this time.