Section 8 and Flashpoint:DR

Seems that I’ll never get it.

Just been through Section 8, Coder’s story. Really weak story. I mean, there’s pratically nothing in the story. If it is meant to be a multiplayer game, then don’t give me a story line. If you r giving one, give one better. At least like Hellgate: London.

Just started with Flashpoint:DR. Well, conflict with China is realistic in some way. Why not Russia? It’s more likely isn’t it? The system is too complicated. As a shooter, it’s bad. can’t really see ppl. Being realistic does not have to be unreasonable. How many ppl playing games are trained as marks man? Besides, units in Bino looks funny. It’s like from a 90’s game. What’s the point of being fancy then?

I just didn’t get it. Games suckin up hard disk. Pushing graphic into “next-level”. HL2 didn’t use DX10 and it’s pretty good to me!!! We play for fun, not for fancy. Dress may be fancy but not programs. I blame commerce ppl for this.

I’ll never get it. I get it.